Sunday, January 24, 2010

When It Rains it Pours

And I am not refering to the weather. More like my social life

After engaging in a weekend of solitude I was getting a bit restless and lonely. So when my phone beeped this morning at 8am I wasn't as mad as I should've been for being woken up at that ridiculous hour. Those of you who have ever experienced the wrath of waking me up before I'm ready know it isn't pretty and rarely attempt to do it again.

But luckily for Chip, I had gone to bed early, with no alcohol in my system so I didn't hate him too much for daring to ask me if I wanted to grab coffee and hang. I took my time and when it got to be 930ish I realized that my keys were MIA and I was locked in my flat. Annoyed and cursing the nature of it being a fire hazard I was convinced I would be physically trapped into solitude for another day but after about an hour I found them.

I spent a leisurely afternoon with Chip looking for backpacks, sharing a few glasses of beer and having a very very yummy lunch as we walked further and further away from the city and into "real Vietnam"

At 4pm I was whisked away by my awesome and gorgeous Vietnamese friend Natali into the city for an evening of fun with her friends. I had chocolate ice cream and dominated in basketball (my height was KIND OF an unfair advantage but these are details I would prefer not to admit)

These people are so amazing, so much fun, and are so considerate. They refused to let me take the bus home and insisted on driving me instead. I was actually proud that I could direct us there. But they are so kind, accommodating and warm and I feel lucky to call them friends. I hope I will be able to treat someone else who comes to NYC with the same kind of kindness that I have been shown here.

However I couldn't help but wish that I could've spread out my social life this weekend over more than one day. I find that even in NYC this happens. I have nothing to do for days and then all of a sudden I am invited to four different things. Oh well, when it rains it pours and who doesn't love a little but of precipitation?

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