Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mid Air

So I had been hoping to be able to get a blog post in before I left, however I was pressed for time (shocker) and quite frankly not at the best blogging state anyway. The days leading up to my departure, doubt started creeping in. I kept asking myself, “what am I doing?” I kept trying to come up with ways that would prevent me from leaving and staying in the comfort of the city I love with the people I love. I know this is stupid.

I guess I never really realize quite how hard it is to leave someone behind that you are in love with and to know that it is by choice. I never really understood the magnitude of my decision until about Monday, and once that happened I was one crying fit after another.

Alex, to his credit, never wavered, though I knew he was on the brink of breaking down. He knew that if he showed any sadness or tears on his end that I would completely break. So he stayed supportive and loving and only lost composure once.

To be fair, this was when I was at the airport and I was a hysterical mess. The people around me were openly staring. I was sobbing, unabashedly in his arms and it didn’t stop there. I am crying now, for goodness sakes, on the plane.

I’ve had a lot of time to think of the plane, and I will share those thoughts later. But first let me tell you about my airport experience.

First, they informed me that despite confirming having an aisle to Hong Kong, I actually have a middle. Uh. I’m 5’10. That doesn’t work. Luckily, I was able to pay $100 for an exit row (still middle) but let me tell you I have like 4 feet of space in front of me and it is worth every penny.

Secondly was my crying fit. People in line actually comforted me. And I made it worse by declaring, “I hate hysterical people. I always make fun of them, but now I am one.” I must’ve looked hideous. Despite what Alex says, I am not na├»ve enough to think I am beautiful when I am sobbing (but thanks sweetheart!)

Third, I am through security and go to take my laptop out to get some last minute stuff done (procrastinator central) I realized that I left my computer power cord in Alex’s apt. I call him hysterical demanding that he fed ex it to me. He says of course. But then I spy a computer store in the terminal and by and by, found a cord. $80. But, it’s more than a necessity.

So that’s all set. I am happy as I board the plane. I take a sleep aide and semi fall asleep but there are nineteen babies on the plane and four of them are surrounding me, so I didn’t have much luck with that. So I got some TEFL course work done, watched a cheesy movie, read my cards from my girls and from Alex (thanks guys-I cried) and then watched the video that Alex put together as a way of saying goodbye that featured a lot of my friends. Which by the way, is an amazingly thoughtful gift that I love. So thank you. And I wonder if one day it won’t make me cry.

The one other downside to my flight is just now, I realized that all of the teaching materials that I bought on Amazon never arrived. So that’s annoying because I was kind of counting on them…workbooks, game and teaching ideas etc.

Anyway this post is much longer than they usually will be. I am well on my way….2hrs and 45 minutes to Hong Kong. Where I hope I have internet access and can find a way to reach my parents even though it’ll be like 3am there.

Signing off for now. xo

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