Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get your motor runnin'...Head out on the highway...Lookin' for adventure... And whatever comes our way

I got a motorcycle today.

It was one of those things that I decided I wanted the second I got here and saw that I was a trek to the city. I need to feel that I can get there whenever I need my urban living fix.

To me it is completely irrelevant that I 1. can not drive a motorcycle 2. don't know my way around Hanoi 3. the traffic here is psycho...a death trap

Today was a beautiful day in Hanoi...mid 70s and sunny. Chip and I headed down to the city and met up with Trang, who negotiated a good deal for my motorcycle and next thing I knew I had the keys to this vehicle and I was quite dumbfounded by it all.

My friends took me to a less populated area of the city to "learn how to ride" and let's just say my confidence wasn't exactly boosted after this lesson. More like I was completely horrified. I informed Chip that he would be driving the twenty five minutes home because if I dared to then there would (with utmost certainty) be damage to both me and the bike.

Once back in my quieter hood, I was taken to a pretty much deserted road (except for the random family of five cows-two of them were babies-walking down the road) and told to knock myself out and ride around until I got the hang of it. I did! Then I tried driving someone else. Harder. But I think I will be ok. Practice makes perfect.

I have to do my best to not suffer from ACFCS (Alice Carney false confidence syndrome) something that afflicts me a lot. I get semi decent at something and feel invincible. Until something bad happens, like I tumble down a huge hill in my rollerskates and have to be taken to the ER. or I back into a parked tractor on my street. Or a mailbox. The list can, unfortunately, go on, and I am sure there are some of you who would LOVE to relive ACFCS moments...but I am hoping that I have learned from them and won't create any stellar memories on my motorbike here in hanoi.

For instance, it was TEMPTING to go for a drive tonight and get dinner but I decided not to. I WANT to drive into town tomorrow but I will not. I will cruise around my hood for a bit and get the hang of it before I really drive into dangerous territory.

I would like to take a side note and thank Trang and Chip, who don't read this blog so it's meaningless, for all of their help. they essentially spent their Saturday helping me and making sure that i was able to get what i wanted. So it is very much appreciated.

Anyway, my adventures keep getting more and more interesting by the day....and I wish I could blog every single detail but I can not. So for today I will leave you all with the image of me driving a motorcycle around town. And after you do that, question the sanity of the motorbike company who let me have possession of a bike.
And ask yourself if you think my father will let me drive him around when he visits at the end of February. Let me know your thoughts.

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