Monday, January 18, 2010

Kicking the Habit

There are two types of people: the ones who when everyone stops and stares at, toss their hair and think "just another day in the life of being beautiful" and those who wonder if anything is on their face.

While I have had a few experiences with the former...92% of the time I fall into the latter.

That is until I moved to Asia. If you are a girl who is 5'10 with bright blue eyes and living in Asia...people will stare. A lot. Unabashedly. And you just have to smile.

As I said before, the superficial side of me loved the attention. Who doesn't like to be called beautiful on every street corner? Or have people think it is really great and fun to know you? It can take years to reach status like that in I am lapping it all up until the day comes where I move back to the city where everyone is tall, skinny, beautiful and well connected. Where blue eyes are a normal occurrence.

Whatever comes of this experience, I hope that I will walk away with more self confidence that I did when I arrived. That I will kick my habit of low self esteem. So that when I do return to the city that never sleeps (I miss you, NYC!) that I can be the girl who, if I see someone staring at me, smile and toss my hair.

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