Monday, March 15, 2010

Something's Missing

A lot of you send me emails asking me what I miss the most about home. What you can send me to make my life in Asia more enjoyable. I have pooh-poohed these requests for the past two months but I have decided to make a list. If you feel so inclined as to fulfill anything on this list then I will love you more than I already do. Double check with me on the address. xo

1. NARS bronzer in the shade of "Laguna"
2. Crest White Strips
3. Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil Translucent Loose Powder in the shade of Nude or Creamy Natural (2)
4. Revlon lipstick in shade #460
5. LOREAL sublime bronze self tanner (2)
6. neosporin
7. Revlon color stay eyeliner in black
8 Loreal luminous mascara in black (2)
9. OPI nail polish in dark or fun shades
10. Philosophy lip gloss in Red Velvet cake
11. Clinique: lip gloss in Juicy apple, lipstick in black honey
12.a new ipod since mine was stolen
13. a pair of skinny jeans that aren't too big on me
14 my black H&M cigarette pants
15. some of my cute going out shirts (preferably hot pink high neck sleeveless, my red rag and bone, my black rag and bone, and a few other at your discretion)
16. a couple cute dresses from my closet (I can list specifics if you actually go into my closet and plan on sending things)
17. addies
18. stationary
19. Ponds face cream-with the blue cap (2)
20. raisenettes

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