Monday, March 15, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have a spending problem. I have a compulsion to buy. It doesn't matter where I am...I could be at a hardware store and still be able to fill up a basket full of useless unnecessary items.

I should've known that last nights post would spark trouble. I couldn't leave well enough alone. After school today, I headed over to "The Garden" which is an upscale mall near my home that contains a Big C (think: upscale Walmart) along with lots of fancy boutiques. The GOOD NEWS is that i got my Revlon lipstick and my Maybelline bare minerals loose powder. I also snagged a pair of skinny jeans (still want another pair though!) The skinny jeans I couldn't say no to...the brand was ALICE. I told myself, if that's not a sign, then what is?!

The bad news is that i kept going...spending money like I'm actually making it (I'm not, not really anyway) I bought two pretty but relatively expensive dresses (by Vietnamese standards), so expensive, in fact, that they THREW IN A FREE DRESS "as a gift" with my purchase. What a great gift! usually I just get a measley packet of moisturizer or shampoo. This gift basically insured that I will be back and that they can drain more money from my already dwindling bank account.

Inner monologue: Damn it, Alice, you came to Asia to TRAVEL not to SHOP. And if you MUST shop don't do it at a MALL you IDIOT

I must say I am pretty stoked about my purchases though. NOT stoked about how fat I am getting.I say this every day but I will keep saying it I feel pretty and skinny again. I guess working out might be in order.

until then...go through my list and feel free to send me the items I wasn't able to score here tonight :)

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  1. hope the dresses are not from Tracy