Thursday, March 4, 2010


#1-I am getting REALLY REALLY good at navigating around Hanoi. better and better every day. I am so impressed with myself and since no one else acknowledges it I force the compliment from them by saying things like, "How great am I for knowing where this is?" or "Can you believe that two weeks ago I had no idea where anything was?" or "I hope you're impressed...I know I am"

#2-As you might now, I am seriously regretting my decision to dye my hair hideous mud poop brown. I thought it would help me be less conspicuous in Asia than my usual golden hue. Turns out, I can't hide. I am 5'10 with blue eyes. And now I just feel drab. I know I shouldn't, I've heard countless horror stories, but I am SERIOUSLY considering getting highlights here.

#3-I think I am getting fat.

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