Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh La-LAO Part 4

Take aways from Lao:
1.Lao Food is really not that great. Especially in Vientiane. in VV we ate fried chicken for every meal and LP was ok but still nothing special. Nothing compared to Vietnam.
2. Lao's a lot more expensive than Vietnam.
3. When is Lao, take the bus as often as possible when traveling in Lao. The views are unparalleled
4. Chip thinks that if he puts sunblock on one day and doesn't shower that the sunblock is still good for the next day and he doesn't need to put more on. He got sunburned.
5. I thought I took a lot of pictures. I was wrong. Between the two of us there were 670 pictures and I took about 150 of those.
6. I have never looked more hideous than I did on the Lao trip. this may include middle school.
7. I am a GREAT backpacker. A great traveler.
8. I can't even think about drinking alcohol in the near future
9. I got more cuts, bruises and scars in two weeks than I think I've ever received in a lifetime
10. I am capable of waling around in a bathing suit and across a bridge with no beams.

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