Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm addicted to the's a dangerous love affair

My life in NYC was like most others in the fact that it was one hectic whirlwind. I was always running from one place to the next, never had enough hours in the day and always complaining of being tired. It's part of the territory.

The idea of moving to Hanoi (while in some ways-like traffic-is far more hectic than NYC)was a welcome change...I knew that no matter what, the pace of life would be significantly slower.

When I saw that I was living in the SUBURBS I thought to myself that I have a lot of time to think, rest, relax and ENJOY life. I thought that this was exactly what I wanted and needed.

Turns out I was wrong. The crazy hectic pace of life that leaves me head spinning? Well it also ignites my passion and soul? It is the fuel that keeps me running. I NEED IT to be me.

I discovered this several weeks into my journey here. I love my friends here and the routine that we fell into easily, but for me, I need more than the same corner bar every night followed by hang out sessions at an apartment. Don't get me wrong, I love nights like those...just not every night.

I decided to get a life. I made the vow to myself that after Tet, I would restore myself to old Alice, and begin to live in standard which will keep me happy (and sane)

I am looking for every opportunity to expand my horizons here, make new friends, and do everything possible to make sure that my time here is well spent. I joined New Hanoian (a social networking/info site for expats), I went to play NETBALL at the Australian Embassy, and I began reaching out to people I met once or twice here to see what they were up to.

Tonight, I ended up at a gallery opening (something I do in NYC and love) and was alone for about an hour (before Trang came) and instead of shrinking into a corner and "texting" people, took it upon myself to strike up conversations and make friends.

And I have no issues shamelessly reaching out to the people that I met tonight and continuing to go out and make more and more friends until I build up a base to rival NYC :)

It's the first time since I've gotten here that I feel like myself, like I have a life.

It's about time.

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