Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Learning to Fly

I might have big news...but I can't share it yet. Watch this space.

I must lead with that I had my first night ride last night. If you are in contact with my parents (Sean and Harry!) please keep this information to yourself. No need to worry them (and I don't want a stern lecture) My friend needed a ride home so I was put in an awkward position. Luckily it was only ten minutes away, but those ten minutes felt like hours. I was gripping onto the handlebars like they were the only life raft in the middle of the ocean.

What didn't help is that mid ride my helmet flew off. Unbuckled itself and flew backwards hitting Trang in the face. We both screamed and for THE SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS I was struck by..."How could this happen?!" Clearly I need to get a better helmet. I'm not sure what is more dangerous, my screaming and freaking out when my helmet flies off, or riding without a helmet. Thoughts?

So anyway, I had my first night ride and clearly I am still alive. I am getting pretty awesome at the motorbike thing. Anyone want a ride? I want to show off. And last night when it was kind of cold I cursed myself (and Alex) for not investing in that leather jacket I've been eyeing for the past two years. Not only would it keep my warm, but it would protect me and also really add to my sexy biker chick persona.
Reminder: my birthday is this month. Just sayyyying.
(let me know if you need details on specific make, style, and size)

So this blog will be kind of choppy because I have two thoughts that are completely unrelated. So in actuality this blog is realistic because when do my segues ever make sense?!

There are many of you who tell me who they admire for what I am doing out here and that they wish they could do the same but they couldn't possibly sidetrack their careers. I understand that. And I wish I could tell you that my master plan all along was to grow as a person and build skills out of the boardroom that could pertain to the business world but it wasn't. I wanted to travel and have fun.

I had no idea that I would actually learn something. And grow. And become more marketable.

For those of you who have ever been around me when I had to make a presentation you would know that my stellar DSOA theatre training was thrown out the window and that I crumple into a shaking, sweaty mess. The idea of talking AS MYSELF and PRESENTING MATERIAL to a group was about as appealing as plying off each toenail with a wrench or getting a filling sans Novocaine (not fun)

I digress.

Skills I have acquired teaching that will make me a better executive upon my triumphant return to NYC:

1. Public speaking/presentation skills: Being out here has totally kicked my fear of public speaking. I have to perform as myself in front of 40 kids (AND ANOTHER TEACHER) eight times a day. If that doesn't numb stage fright then God help you. Not only do I have to not be scared BUT I have to be interesting AND engaging. See what method is working and carry on with that or adjust approaches/tactics. Take that to any boardroom.

2. Winging it. Many times I will walk into a classroom only to find that what I have prepared is not what they want me to teach. Or I will be pulled into a random classroom with no preparation. This isn't easy at all. I can say now that I can wing it like the best of them. In fact, I am great at it. Once again, boardroom basics.

3. Preparation. Ok maybe I didn't learn this out here, in fact it's something I should've picked up at age seven. But I didn't. This is the first time I have diligently prepared for anything, made PowerPoint, known material and could confidently discuss it from all angles until I am blue in the face. What did I learn? That I like being prepared and it's something I will continue.

4. Fear is a 4 letter word. I stayed at a job that I was miserable at for months because I was scared to leave. thought to myself, "I don't know what I want. What should I do?" I was so concerned with not knowing what I wanted to do, and being scared about it that I stopped concentrating on the bigger picture: myself. Fear was holding me back, keeping me from exploring, experimenting and discovering my true passion. That will never happen again. I packed my bags and moved to Asia on my own. not knowing a soul. And guess what?I'm doing ok. More than ok. I am happy. And I feel invincible. Like I can do anything I set my mind to. (I hope that everyone realizes that they can do anything they want to. Just don't let fear hold you back...do whatever you think is right for you at that time and then your purpose/passion will come! I truly believe that. stay positive.)

I haven't found my life's calling yet, but what i have found is that it's really fun to go experiment and find out what that calling might be. Try it some time. like today. :)

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  1. you lead such an interesting life!