Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss Independent

Before I begin this blog post I must warn all of you that I may have one or two more posts and then will be silent from the 11th-21st. I know it will be difficult for all of you but I can't help it. That is when I will be in Laos. I won't be bringing a computer with me, but I will hopefully be able to check email once or twice and will have my cell.

This does not excuse ANY of you from sending birthday wishes my way. My birthday day will most likely be spent on a 23 hour sleeper bus home, so my mood will not be happy to begin with. Add the day being forgotten by you good people, and I just don't know what I will do.

I found out today that Global Crossroads has canceled the Vietnam program due to how bad it is. While I am happy that someone else won't have to endure what i am dealing with, it's like, well what about me? They may have canceled it but I am still here and need support.

I am trying to work things out for myself but I shouldn't have to.

Here are some new things I learned in Vietnam:

1. Yesterday, I tried to change my Vietnamese dong into dollars. Banks no longer will do that in Vietnam because the dollar is too strong/rare. Dollars are like gold here. i need them desperately. Anyone who wants to give me American dollars let me know

2. They use gum as currency. If your change is something small (like 15 cents)they will give you gum instead. At first I didn't get this. I nice they hand out gum when you buy things. Today is was explained to me. Could you imagine if that happened in the US? If, when you bought a new pair of shoes or went to the grocery store they gave you a back of Doublemint instead of $.25? Somehow I don't think it would fly. I am especially peeved now because I don't chew gum...I think it makes people look like cows

3. Drinking and driving here is not illegal. People (not me) do it all the time. This is terrifying.

4. Street food is amazing. Yesterday Trang and I had crab. wow.

5. If you are in hanoi, alone, or just want to meet people, go to Bia Hoi Corner. It's in the lonely planet. You will meet so many people and have great conversation. heck, you'll probably even meet me!

Ok I am signing off, I have a busy afternoon ahead of me. It's Provi's last night and Trang's last weekend and life will be a little more lonely. So I will have a little more time to blog for you people

PS-I got an adorable cowboy hat. so cute I love it.

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