Sunday, February 21, 2010

All Toast the Birthday Girl

I had a dilemma. Should I blog about my crazy 10 day trek over Laos or about my birthday first?

On account of still being exhausted from the former (and it would take way more energy to properly capture the essence of the trip) I opted for the latter.

For those of you who know me, you are aware of how seriously I take my birthday. My mother says it's immature, but hey, we all have our things. I like to feel like a goddess and be worshipped on my birthday. It's MY day. I don't want to share it and I don't want you to forget it.

In the past, I've gone as far as writing down everyone who wished me a happy birthday and "blacklisting" my friends who didn't. Sometimes I send them nasty messages. Ok, so maybe I take it a little far. ;)

The point is, that this year I won't be doing that (partly because it's harder to do from Asia)

I am overjoyed to say that my US and European friends and family sent me an abundance of love and well wishes that I didn't doubt for a second that I was thought about and missed. I felt the love and I can't tell you all how much I appreciate it. I love you all back.

I knew that this birthday would be different. I knew I wouldn't have the blowout bash that usually accompanies February 20th. I don't know that many people out here, and it is still the new year holiday here so a lot of people aren't even around. I was fully prepared to let the day pass quietly, unnoticed and let myself wallow slightly but all the while would tell myself to grow up.

I woke, obsessively checked my facebook and email, talked to my parents and then began to do laundry and download LOST. My phone buzzed. My friend Chip. He wanted to get me a chocolate cake but the cake place was closed. I can't even tell you how much it even meant that someone took the time to think about doing something like that. Chip then suggested that I don't "sit inside alone all day on my birthday" and we went grocery shopping, bought food, and hung out for the duration of the day and evening...which ended in him cooking dinner, drinking wine, and uploading pictures from our trip to Lao. That's another thing I should mention, this kid just spent the past 10 days with me on a trip and was still nice enough to make sure I didn't wallow alone on my birthday.

I also got to video chat with the love of my life, Alex for close to an hour. I missed his face, his voice, and wished that he could actually be with me...

Later that evening, I get a phone call from Hai. She says she is having a problem and needs my help. She sounds really upset. Can i meet her in the morning? Of course, I say.

I arrange to meet her early afternoon. I get to the place and wait. And wait. And then start to worry because I had been getting all of these distraught notes from her. I finally see her, hop on her bike and we drive. We pull up next to this tall, blond, blue eyed boy holding flowers. CHIP!

These two are sooooo sneaky. They played it perfectly. Especially Hai because she is the most straight forward person ever who doesn't believe in any form of lying so she would be the perfect person to pull off a surprise. Of course I would believe anything she'd say.

The two of them had wanted to take me to a chocolate factory but as it is still the holiday it is closed. Once again, I was so excited and happy that I was even thought of.

I spent the day with the two of them (third wheel) laughing and eating delicious food. We were joined for a little bit by my friend Trang and her friend James. It was a nice day. It meant so much to me that these people who I've known for six weeks took it upon themselves to make me feel special and loved on my birthday weekend. Things like that just reinforce how lucky I am.

So that was my birthday weekend. It was great.

Oh yeah, and I crashed my motorbike. That wasn't so great. But it's ok and so am I.

Trang also told me that I looked fatter. I guess that wasn't great either. But what did I expect after my trip to Lao? I am starting out 26 by working out and not drinking and being healthy. Right. Ok?

(this picture is from my 25th birthday)

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  1. feb 21? older than me by 7 days (or 8, once in 1 years)

    picture does not look a day over 21 ;)