Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just Too Busy Being Fabulous

I am aware of the fact that I haven't written a "Vietnam blog post" in over a month, but as you can see from the title of this one, I've been just too busy being fabulous :) I am, however, flattered and amused by the outcry that my absence has ensued and the many emails and facebook messages asking me to post.

For a while, I attempted to keep bullet points of the funny happenings in my life in the past month but gave that up as well so I'll do my best to capture the essence of it all.

The first and most important thing to address is my change of location. Hard as it was to leave My Dinh behind, I forced myself to pack up and move into a three story house in the Old Quarter. The house is, amazing. It's a short walk to everything downtown. (In NYC terms: It's like moving from Stamford to Soho) I LOVE my house. I love everything about it! I have two roommates who are great, very cool and fun.

I also have a new job. This is also an exciting and sweet deal as I only have to work from Tuesdays through Thursdays from 8-4. This means that every weekend is a four day weekend. Being a generally lazy person, this arrangement suits me well. I need a job that doesn't interfere too much with the things I actually want to do in life.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of events...concerts, film festivals, fun nights out with friends and I had my first visitors to Hanoi and we had a seriously wonderful time with them. However, their visit has resulted in my having to join a gym :)

Ok, well this blog post is incredibly boring, so boring in fact that i don't want to write it anymore. Now that you have the cliff notes version of my life I promise I'll update more regularly and resume my (hilarious and witty) writing of my interesting encounters and daily life in Hanoi.

Until then.

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  1. This is an example of how when one likes someone, even a simple post like this becomes enjoyable to read :-)

    I came across your site by chance and have grown to like it. Please, post more than once a month :-)