Sunday, May 9, 2010

"It's Better Than a Mango Even!!!!"

Only a select few of you will understand the title of this blog post so I will provide you with some insight (around 1:48 mark)

Last week, when my fabulous visitors descended upon the streets of Hanoi, they came bearing gifts. Lots of makeup, crest white strips, self tanner and an ipod.

I've been using the not having an ipod thing (since it was stolen)as an excuse to not work out. Before the ipod excuse I was claiming i couldn't find a gym.

The reality is that I haven't worked out since September, and let's be honest even before September I wasn't known for my dedication to the gym. However, the combination of the delicious Hanoi food and the fact that I have started drinking (for those of you who don't know, my drinking was a rarity in New York) I've noticed that I am getting puffier and I can't deny it. I need to hit up the gym. So I joined a fancy schmancy gym with an outdoor pool that I plan to visit four times a week.

My gym does very helpful things like play the Fashion channel on the tv so just in case i was feeling ready to get off the treadmill, I look up and see Gisele and instead just increase the pace at which I am running. The treadmills also face the pool which is good and bad. bad because obviously I see sun, lounge chairs and water and just want to abandon my goal of not being a fat blob...but good because I think that I will look less blobish in my bathing suit if I keep running. I can already predict that this will be a daily struggle. part of me prays for rain to force me to work out but another part of me knows that if it rains I will avoid commuting to the gym. I'll keep you posted.

The positive note is one of the guys at the gym called me "Alice in WONDERFUL-land" and gave me a mango.

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