Monday, May 10, 2010

I Knew I Wouldn't Forget You, And So I Went and Let You Blow My Mind

First and foremost I would like to give a huge shout out to all of my amazing friends who have done extraordinary things to let me know they love and care about me.

DANNY MEZZ sent me mini eggs in a priority mail package
JESSICA DALES sent me amazing stationary
and then the whole music all know how musically obsessed I am. How one song can find its way to my heart and be on repeat for two weeks straight. So shout outs to Chris Sotillo, Josephine, FCH, and my roommate Shaun for opening my eyes to some cool tunes.

I know it sounds corny but even getting an email from someone truly brightens my day so keep them coming

Secondly I've compiled a list of things that have struck me recently:
1. My decision drive with headphones is a stupid one.
2. When I get drunk I have really awkward conversations with people. usually about food or speaking French. What's most troubling is that this occurs mainly with people I don't know but potentially have to see again
3. Securing a PO Box in Hanoi isn't difficult but extremely tedious
4. Apparently the grocery store is the new hot spot to pick up girls
5. I live with two guys now. It is no longer appropriate to walk around in a tank top and underwear. or a towel. I've forgotten this several times. I bought a robe to remedy the situation
6. Tequila makes me do idiotic things. Like losing my keys so trying to break down the gate to my house by going to the other side of the road and charging it.
7. I've gone from being reticent in discussing my personal life and emotions to being a chronic oversharer
8. I like cheese now. (For those of you who didn't know this...I DIDN'T EAT CHEESE!!! From the age of 5 years old i stopped eating cheese and it wasn't until the other night when Henri brought home some fabulous wine, cheese and baguette and offered me some and I refused citing my dislike for it that he, Shaun, and Lena basically told me I had to try it and so I did...I am kicking myself missing out on the wonders of good cheese for the past 21 years)
9. French, English, and Vietnamese are not good secret languages to use in Hanoi. Chances are someone will understand you. So if you are going to talk unfavorably about someone in a "foreign language" (which you should NEVERRRRRR do!) then make sure it's not in those three...I've heard Spanish is a good option but personally I am going to suggest that my friends and I take up Polish or Danish.
10. I'm a bad influence on myself.

Songs that are on repeat on my ipod and brain. If there is an star next to it that means that I dance around my room listening to it.
*1. White Knuckles-Ok go!
2. Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith
*3.Does this mean you're moving on?-Airborne Toxic Event (the whole album actually)
4. I Got you-Leona Lewis
*5. Stole My heart-Little and Ashley
6.+7 Paper Bag AND Mistake-Fiona Apple
8. Along for the Ride-Mates of State
*9. I don't feel like dancing-Scissor Sisters
10. Hey Soul Sister-Train

And as always the Battle Studies album, all of KOL, "Run Run Run", "Brown Sugar", "The Fear", and Julian Perretta

Last but certainly not least-Congratulations to Keeley and Danny. two of my favorite people in the world are getting married. your kids will most likely be hideous but at least they'll have really good personalities.


  1. if they're ugly, we will just name them alice, no matter the gender.

    ps try pig latin

  2. First, CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    secondly: Russian. Why trying such difficult languages I wonder...