Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There's Something Sexy About the Rain

I’ve been spending lots of time poolside working on my tan. While I know this makes me hideous by Hanoi standards, we all know that I have an obsession with being the perfect shade of bronze. Like any sun goddess, I realize that certain wardrobe choices and colors can to maximize your golden hue…

Yesterday, proud of my ever developing color, I made sure to wear a paper thin, billowy white top with a magenta pencil skirt. This was a great choice until my drive home from work (which is thirty five minutes) when the heavens opened up and pelted down for a solid fifteen minutes. Aside from the fact that the rain was coming down in hard drops (I was convinced I'd be covered in welts) at one point, a drop flew in my eye temporarily blinding me. I was driving through the busy streets of Hanoi (Kim Ma to be exact) completely drenched and driving with only one eye squinted open. Super attractive.

What did help rev up my va-va-voom factor though was the fact that my billowy white top was soaked completely through. This meant that I was driving through the streets of Hanoi for twenty minutes basically topless. Literally, I looked down and could count the freckles on my chest. At every stoplight I tried peeling the top away from my body but it was only a matter of seconds until it was plastered back to my skin.

Vietnam is a conservative country, and I, upon coming here abandoned my penchant for super short skirts/dresses and sky high heels to adhere to the cultural standards. What I couldn't predict was that the natural elements would eliminate me of the dignity I've been trying so hard to maintain whilst living here, or the reaction that it would have on the Vietnamese men who aren't used to seeing a woman's assets so readily on display. I endured close to a dozen "woohoo's" (the Vietnamese variation) on my long drive home and countless smiles and eyebrow raised head nods.

The positive is that this didn't happen on my way TO school, seeing as I've flashed the teachers enough

Note to self: Now might be a good time to stop procrastinating against buying a rain coat.


  1. ewww, that cat is disturbing on some many levels, what I wanted to see is a picture of you on your little scouter driving to work.