Sunday, April 25, 2010


Growing up in Florida, I took the beach for granted. I didn't appreciate how lucky I was to have unrestricted access to one of natures greatest wonders. When I went to school in Boston, I soon realized how fortunate I had been and just how much I loved and needed the beach.

Since moving to Vietnam, I haven't had the opportunity to hit up the beach so my trip to Sihanoukville was much needed and much overdue. it was, in fact, the longest I'd ever been without being in the ocean or strolling on the sand.

Sihanoukville is a weird place, a bit grubby and filled with repulsive old western men with young Cambodian women. Disgusting. Camilla and I didn't stray from Serendipity Beach despite the other options around. The beach is lined with shack restaurants complete with lounge chairs in front. Camilla and I had a great routine. wake up around 10:30, go to the internet cafe, head to the beach around 11:30, have breakfast on the lounge chair and then just read and relax until about three. We also became friends with some of the local children selling bracelets and fruits and got duped into buying much too much. We'd then go home, rest up a bit and then have a nice quiet dinner, go back to the internet cafe, and then go home and watch Animal planet. I was so relieved that I found someone who wanted as low key of a time as i did. No crazy partying, no drinking, just relaxing and having a good time.

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