Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Impressions

It's day two of my preparation/orientation at my new (very conservative) Japanese School. I have adhered to the culture to the best of my ability. Dressing formally and conservatively. it's humid and hot in Hanoi, yet I am wearing tights with my new dress (and a cardigan)

Imagine my dismay when the English coordinator ran up to me, all shy and embarrassed to inform me that THE BACK OF MY DRESS WAS TUCKED INTO MY TIGHTS. The only explanation for this is what it happened when I used the restroom two hours ago. So for TWO HOURS I had been wandering around the school inadvertently violating the modesty and unofficial dress code of this school.

And of course the teachers are too reserved to say anything.

They, have no issue looking at me and openly laughing now.


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