Monday, June 28, 2010

Waka Waka

Apologies for any of you who endured the torture of my last post, I was having a really bad day and took it out o the cyberworld. As you may notice, it was deleted ad I'll avoid long whiny poor me posts in the future. Let's talk about something fun: the World Cup.

I have been getting really into the World Cup. While I don’t pay much THAT much attention to what’s going happening on the screen, I enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere that the event brings. I like the social aspect. All of Hanoi has come together ad joined in cheering on their respective teams and each match is a new opportunity to have fun and meet cool people. (Even though my three teams are all out...)

I’ve always enjoyed sporting events, my boyfriend in New York thought I was “so awesome” for watching Sunday football with him and his friends, but the truth is I love wings and beer, and sports are a good excuse to indulge.

The World Cup has thrown my "Bali diet" and "no drinking in June" aspirations out the window. I have been a garbage disposal consuming pizza, beer, hamburgers, nachos, fish&chips, fajitas and beer o a nightly basis. Usually I've managed to be responsible, limiting myself to three or four beers for the whole night but after England's embarrassing defeat, I drowned my sorrows on a pretty intense level and the night got a bit uh, crazy.

ON TOP of my usual awkwardness (actions, texts, and comments) these are the things I did last night that could qualify as ridiculous:
1) Upon getting dropped off IN FRONT OF MY DOOR, I proceeded to get lost and wander down my road for a block or two.
2) 4 shots of tequila and one of vodka and Tabasco and about eight beers
3 Going around Jaspa’s taking an “unofficial poll” of the men there on the subject of “Would you write a love letter to a woman that you were interested in?” and forcing them to answer the question.

(My) Songs of the Week:
Darrelle London-Bad
Mates of State-The ReArranger (and My Only Offer)
from the Nine soundtrack-Unusual Way
Lucky Boys Confusion-City Lights (and Broken)
My Favorite Highway-Bittersweet Life
Dierks Bentley-Sideways
Howie Day-So, Goodbye
Jay-Z-On to the Next One
Passion Pit-Sleepyhead (and Moth's Wings)(and Little Secrets)
Sophie B. Hawkins-As I Lay Me Down to Sleep


  1. *Shaking*

    *quote* I can see dead people * (the sixth sense)

    Yeah, I have vision of embarrassing drunken moments. To whichever deity who sent me the vision, thanks a bunch.

    On other note, that last sentence is sending chill up and down my spine.

  2. I love beer, especially Hanoi beer! :D

  3. Love Sleepyhead by Passion Pit!!! yay!!! Gets me pumped!! lol