Saturday, June 5, 2010

Don't Feel Like Dancing, Dancing

I normally don't post back to back, but I felt like this evenings events warranted an exception to my rule.

Since I am re-entering the realm of social activity after a hiatus (see previous post)I am throwing myself into "the Hanoi scene." Tonight this meant heading to the Press Club for their "Friday Night at the terrace."I must admit, that I've been there a total of four times now, and each and every time I've stayed less than an hour and a half on account of the fact that I find it very boring and borderline creepy (I go because my friends go) Tonight was no exception except something weird happened to me.

I was on the dance floor (not dancing) and this Vietnamese girl runs up to me, in the haze of the lights and not wearing contacts I thought it was my friend Natali so i got very excited.i soon realized that it wasn't as she literally yanked me off the dance floor to "talk to me." Immediately my mind goes into panic mode, my paranoid mother made me grow up convinced men could be hiding in the bushes and sub sequentially I've somehow developed an irrational fear of being kidnapped and sold. I digress.

She brings me into the main room where there are three other girls there. They explain that it's a modeling agency and that there is "a big expat party" at a bar the following night. They say that their clients want "tall pretty girls" to dance around the DJ/on stage to get the crowd going. "Don't worry, it's not showing underwear or anything." They ended their pitch with saying I'd be getting paid 1.3m VND. They then told me that I'd need to go with them right now and meet the client.

You may be surprised to hear that I turned the opportunity down. I need the money. I've spent too much on plane tickets, but even I have my limits. The idea of dancing around with full hair and makeup and some skanky outfit and getting paid for it is outside outside the lines that I am willing to cross. I found the whole thing and idea of it to be VERY sketchy and almost degrading.

I don't feel like dancing, no sir, no dancing today.


  1. too much emphasis on the "tall pretty" part.

  2. oh hush, Viet. I am going to learn how to say "shut up" and "I hate you" in Russian :)

  3. gonna save you from the crazy idea and tell you straight away:
    Shut up is : Zaknhis
    I hate you is: Ia Tebe Nenavizhu